Head, Back & Shoulders Relaxing Massage

30 mins - £40
45 mins - £50
60 mins - £65 ONLINE BOOKING

Head, back and shoulders (relaxing) massage in Brighton and Hove

This type of massage treatment relieves tension on the back of the shoulders and neck. It works on the energy lines running along the top of your shoulders and down your shoulders and points at the base, where muscle knots form.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Bad posture; sitting cramped over a desk; hunched over a steering wheel; certain sports, such as golf; and illnesses such as asthma, can all cause strain and tension to the neck and shoulders.

The chest muscles shorten and contract, causing the muscles in the upper back to become overstretched. This results in rounded shoulders and tight, inflexible muscles in the neck and upper back. Stretching and relaxing the chest muscles, along with kneading the shoulders can help in reducing pain in the neck and shoulders.


Head massage is an efficient form of massage therapy based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing systems. This alternative therapeutic practice involves giving a thorough rubbing down on your head/scalp, face, shoulders and the neck areas.

The Head, back and shoulder massage is highly relaxing; it helps relieve headaches and stimulates the nerves on your head. It exercises the scalp and stimulates blood circulation within your head to promote hair growth. It also strengthens hair roots.

Finally, pamper yourself with a sauna session for an extra fee or as part of a spa package.

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