Thai Oil Deep Tissue Sports Massage

60 mins - £65
90 mins - £95
120 mins - £130 ONLINE BOOKING

Deep tissue or sports massage in Brighton and Hove

A deep tissue sports massage focuses on the different layers of tissue. This type of massage concentrates on working to relax, lengthen, and release strain patterns within muscle, tendons and fascia, so that the body’s posture can realign itself.

A deep tissue or sports massage can be used to treat common injuries sustained by working out as well as general muscular issues. During the massage, we identify the areas in which you are experiencing muscle tightness or pinpoint potential muscular weakness, where left untreated could cause issues or injury.

Both physical and emotional traumas cause stiffening in muscles. Deep tissue and sports massages release toxins, relieve stress, boost circulation as well as reduce stress and physical pain.

Our massage technique is tailored to you and your body’s needs. It is important to understand that working deeply does not necessarily mean applying lots of pressure and that a light touch can have an incredibly positive effect on the body and mind.


  • Releases deep muscular tension
  • Realigns muscles and fascia
  • Improves posture and breaks poor postural habits
  • Clears energy pathways within the body
  • Releases emotional tension
  • Relieves pain and increases vitality

At the end of your sports or deep tissue massage we recommend enjoying a sauna session by using our spa facilities at an extra fee or as part of a spa package. For this service booking in advance is required.

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