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Nail Salon in Brighton

When you require the highest quality care and attention for your nails, Simply Urban will be ready and waiting to provide. As our glamorous new nail salon in Brighton, this luxurious premises is fully equipped to offer a series of fabulous beauty treatments to take care of even the tips of your fingers and toes. You may rest assured that we’ll give your nails the glossy, chic look you’ve always wanted, all at a budget-friendly price.

No matter where you live in Brighton and Hove, or even if you’ll be travelling from elsewhere in the UK to experience our sumptuous nail and beauty treatments, we’ll be glad to welcome you through our doors. Call us or send us a message online and we can start discussing your ideal treatments right away. Or, if you’d prefer to take some time to consider, you can take a look at our available nail treatments here and find the option which suits you best.


Services Available from Our Nail Bar in Brighton

In our very own nail shop in Brighton, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while we take care of all your needs. Whether you’ve been dreaming about that absolutely gorgeous set of gel extensions ever since you saw someone else with them, or just know that the best way to unwind after a long, hectic week is with a manicure or pedicure, we will have the treatment for you.

Every procedure provided will be carried out by a qualified team of beauticians and nail artists, so you know that your nails will receive the finest care and attention.

The services available in our nail bar in Brighton include:


Nail care is more important than many people realise, and we’re certain that we can offer you the treatment that sees your fingernails cared for, just as they need. Our classic or mini manicures are the ideal sessions for this, whether you’d like to sit and relax for some time as we look after your nails and add a splash of stunning colour to finish the session, or need a quicker appointment that means you can head out sooner to show your new nails off to the world.

Our classic manicures will begin with a warm hand soak and scrub, before we file your nails and tidy your cuticles. This will then be followed by a relaxing hand massage and finished with a colourful nail polish of your choice.

A mini manicure will forego the soak and scrub, bringing you straight on to the nail filing and little tidy-up of your cuticles. We will then paint your nails as requested and apply a soft, moisturising hand cream.


We understand that caring for toenails can often be difficult, or even forgotten about beyond the basics when you are busy every day. This is why we are here to help with a classic pedicure, or a mini pedicure if you would prefer a quick treat rather than the full session.

Our classic pedicure offers a soothing foot bath and scrub, before we remove the hard skin to soften up your feet. This will then be followed by a tidy-up of your cuticles and a nail file. After this, we’ll offer you that little bit of extra luxury by massaging your feet and painting the nails in a colour of your choice.

A mini pedicure consists of a quick cuticle tidy-up and nail file, before we paint your nails in a colour of your choice. The session will be finished with a moisturising foot cream.

Little Diva Manicures or Pedicures

Are you treating your daughter, niece or young family friend to a day of fun? If you pop into our nail shop in Brighton you can make the day for pampering as well, because we’re happy to provide manicures and pedicures for young ones up to the age of 12.

We will file, paint and apply a moisturising hand or foot cream. There will be no nail cutting or work on cuticles with this service.

Gel Extensions

Looking for a more natural but equally glamorous alternative to acrylic nails? Our gel extensions can offer you the sensational style that you’ve been looking for, in regular paint or gel paint, and in a variety of colours that range from subtle to striking.

Add On Services from Our Nail Shop in Brighton

Fancy a French Finish to complete the smooth, clean shine of your new nails? Perhaps you need assistance removing a gel layer, or would like us to take care of some calluses so you can feel beautiful right down to your toes? Our add on treatments may be just what you need. With this select set of treatments, we can bring that final flourish to your manicure, prepare you for your next pampering session, or help you to feel that little bit more confident with your feet.

Our Other Pampering Services and Locations

As fabulous as our treatments are, we are not just a nail salon in Brighton. Our services extend to further beauty treatments, as well as to revitalising and relaxing massage therapies across the hustle and bustle of our UK seaside city. Whether you choose to visit one of our oasis locations for a massage that melts away aches and pains, or feel as though a cleansing facial will help to transform your look, we are prepared to offer what you need.

Discover our beauty salon and treatment room combinations in New Road Brighton, not far from Simply Urban, or in George Street in Hove. You’ll always be welcome with us.

Why Come to Us for Nail and Beauty Treatments in Brighton and Hove?

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of the most famous high quality skin and beauty products on the market, having partnered with prestigious brands to keep our services top-quality. This offer extends from our indulgent treatment rooms in Hove, to our newest nail shop in Brighton. Our professional team is always prepared to adapt any treatments you request as well, so that they are tailored to best suit your individual needs and concerns.

Book Online and Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Nails Today

Explore and consider the options we can provide for you here at Simply Urban, our very own nail bar in Brighton, UK, before selecting the one you know will suit you. Whether you have a special occasion coming that demands every inch of you looking your best, or just know that you deserve a treat, booking a session with us will provide everything you have been searching for and more.

Book a treatment online, or call us today if you’d like to discuss what we offer before placing your name down for a luxurious beauty experience. We’re always happy to have a chat about what you need, before we transform your nails with a whole new look.